Real Estate Congratulations to Amber on Buying Your First Home!

Big congratulations are in order for Amber Ketchum—she just bought her first house!

Amber is a real estate agent, and she has been working with our team for awhile now. She’s already had a great deal of real estate experience working with clients, but recently, she had the experience of buying a home with her boyfriend.

During this past winter, both Amber and her boyfriend realized the market was starting to heat up and they could end up being priced out of buying a home. Amber has been living with 3 guys (she’s ready to move out, hah!) and she and her boyfriend were originally planning on looking at homes closer to the end of their lease this summer. But since Amber is constantly keeping an eye on Seattle’s real estate market, she knew that things were heating up fast and they would need to act sooner than they had anticipated.

At first, it was a bit challenging for her to get her boyfriend to see eye to eye—he was seeing real estate data that was a bit behind what was actually happening in the moment, like most people. And sometimes, as an agent, it can be hard to get your partner on board—sometimes they think we’re too emotionally invested in the market (which can definitely be true sometimes!). However, they both quickly realized that in order to find a home in the central Seattle location that they wanted, they needed to buy a home sooner than later.

While they were open to a handful of neighborhoods, they focused in the south end because of the price point they were aiming for. Amber was also keeping an eye on the changes that will be taking place in the International District and other surrounding neighborhoods to Judkins and when their home came on the market, it was an easy decision.

Originally, they were looking at a fixer upper type situation, but since they’re first-time homeowners, they ultimately decided to go with new construction since it will require less maintenance in the short term and they didn’t want to overwhelm themselves. They found a new construction townhouse in the Judkins area, and since Amber is an agent, she handled the entire process herself. She wrote their contract, and since it was new construction (the drywall had just gone up when they first saw it!), they had more negotiating power. Plus, the fact that they were the first ones to purchase in the unfinished group of townhomes also gave them more power, and they didn’t have to waive everything like many buyers in Seattle’s current market have to do to have competitive offers. They had a finance contingency, and were even able to negotiate having the seller pay part of their closing costs. In the beginning of February, they went under contract!


New construction can take awhile to close, but since they still have to pay off their current lease, they have plenty of time to move in. Originally the builder said their home would be completed in mid-May, but they ran ahead of schedule which is the opposite of how it typically goes with builders. They enjoyed seeing the behind the scene process of their home being built but are so happy to officially be closed and begin moving in.

We’re so excited for you, Amber! Congrats!

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