Meet Matt

Real estate guru and Seattle know-it-all

“You have to be everything to know anything in real estate.”

-Matt Miner
Buying or selling a home is a huge life event and it deserves a great deal of care and attention to make sure your experience is nothing short of amazing!

Matt Does it All


Getting Happy At Home (& Loving It!)

In everything that I do as your REALTOR®, I have one guiding principle in mind: To make certain that your home-buying experience is a happy, successful, wonderful life experience!

I’m lucky that I’m in a profession where I get to help people with an important, momentous chapter in their lives. Officially becoming a REALTOR® in 2006 was the best decision I ever made!

But before that, in 2005, is when my real estate journey began. When I first set out in search of my first home, I had grand visions of how wonderful and exciting it was going to be to become a homeowner. Unfortunately, my real estate agent wasn’t so great. It’s too bad, because buying (or selling!) a home is a BIG deal—it’s a huge moment in your life! And, like most of those significant events in life—whether you’re expecting a baby or getting married—you want it to be amazing.

I remember wrapping up the purchase thinking that I could do a much better job. I had some money saved, so I quit my old job, and in 2006 I officially became a REALTOR®!

To this day, my first experience in real estate guides me as a real estate agent.

Happy in Seattle(& Loving It!)

I’ve lived in Seattle since 1998, and from the moment I set my eyes on the Emerald City’s skyline, I was in love. I remember driving over the I-5 bridge, seeing the skyscrapers of downtown and being in awe; growing up in Alaska, I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before. Since then, I’ve traveled all over, but I still love Seattle the most!

Previously, I lived in University District and in Capitol Hill, but currently I call North Beacon Hill home. The idea of a transforming neighborhood excites me. You’ll notice a trend in where I choose to live—I love the up-and-coming spots in Seattle.


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