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welcome to Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a destination neighborhood: When people visit Seattle, they want to check out Capitol Hill. This neighborhood is a highly desired place to live, ensuring it becomes more and more expensive for residents and people hoping to move there. Population-wise, Capitol Hill is the largest neighborhood in Seattle, and it only continues to grow.

"You can literally just go for a walk and expect to find something new. Capitol Hill should be known as the city that never sleeps!"

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  • 10m to Downtown Seattle
  • 16m to Downtown Seattle
  • 19m to Downtown Bellevue
  • 46m to Downtown Bellevue

Sub-Neighborhoods in Capitol Hill

When people think of Capitol Hill, it’s often the Pike/Pine area, but I think that you really have to divide Capitol Hill into four different neighborhoods:

North Capitol Hill: An older, very expensive area with larger, older homes.

Lower North Capitol Hill: Lots of beautiful, old condos are in this area.

Broadway: This area used to be the epicenter of the neighborhood, and now it’s kind of old school Capitol Hill—although still active and filled with life and change.

Pine/Pike Corridor: Stretching from 15th to downtown, this area is the new epicenter of Capitol Hill.

Getting Around Town

With the new light rail going in, Capitol Hill is about to become even more connected to the rest of the city than it already is! The neighborhood already has several bus lines that run frequently, whether you need to get to the University District, head downtown, go towards Madison Beach, and more. There are also several new Pronto bike stations in the neighborhood that offer another flexible commuting option.


Brimming with small businesses and locally owned shops, Capitol Hill has it all: Thrift shops, novelty shops, clothing stores, artisanal food markets, little shops selling handmade items, toy stores, home decor shops, bookstores, record stores, and more. The neighborhood has a huge variety of shopping options that are unique to the area.

Dining & Nightlife

Capitol Hill has some of the very best restaurants in Seattle, period. My favorites are Quinn’s (in the heart of the nightlife!), Rachel’s Ginger Beer (located in the new 12th Ave Arts building), Cafe Pettirosso (amazing brunch and cocktails), Altura (expertly prepared, locally grown food), and Queen Sheba (Ethiopian cuisine with lots of vegan options!).

If hitting the club is your thing, then Capitol Hill is definitely the place to be. Neighbours, Q Nightclub, Cuff Complex, Havana, Rock Box (well, this is more karaoke than a club), R Place, and many more. Everyone comes from around the city and the suburbs beyond to hang out and go dancing.

Getting Out & About

Whatever you want to do, Capitol Hill probably has it. Capitol Hill is home to some top-notch indie film theaters, the always-active Century Ballroom, several active music venues, opportunities to take classes, and much more.

This bustling neighborhood is also home to a few especially noteworthy, sprawling parks, including Volunteer Park, Cal Anderson Park, and Freeway Park.

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