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welcome to Central District


Our Central District neighborhood spotlight post was a mistake. We took down the spotlight and in addition to our apology posted on our blog. I’m really disappointed that I did not catch the context in this case of what the word “hood” could be viewed as when talking about the Central District. I also didn’t mean to come across insensitive to the Central District gentrification and the displacement that occurs as a result. I’m disappointed that I find my self guilty of this. It was not intentional and I appreciate all of you calling me out on this. I posted this hastily without thinking about how it might be perceived. I'm sorry and we will fix this. -Matt . https://www.gethappyathome.com/thank-you-for-helping-us-to-learn-do-better/

a glance at the market

ratio of housing type

single family home vs condo

*Based on 2017 data

annual median home price

single family home vs. condo

condo avg. square footage


single family avg. square footage


Location Info

commute times

  • 13m to Downtown Seattle
  • 21m to Downtown Seattle
  • 19m to Downtown Bellevue
  • 45m to Downtown Bellevue

Value now, earnings later

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