East Bellevue

Where city convenience & outdoor beauty meet

  • what you’ll fall in love with

    Bellevue has the #3 ranked school district in America, and many find that raising kids in Bellevue is far more affordable than in Seattle

  • market

    Price per square foot is much less than what you’ll find in Seattle. If things seem expensive, it’s probably because there’s some generous square footage behind the price.

  • What to expect

    Light Rail is coming to Bellevue in 2023! Get ready to have an easy way to get around Bellevue and straight into Seattle. There also lots of rezoning happening, and more mid-rise housing is being developed.

  • real talk

    East Bellevue is very car dependent, which many people here enjoy. But with big employers in East Bellevue—like Microsoft and Pokemon—many people find that they’re able to easily walk or bike to work.

welcome to East Bellevue

Nestled in between Interstate-504 and Lake Sammamish, East Bellevue offers a more residential setting and ample outdoor opportunities! Single-family homes are aplenty, and mid-rises with first floor retail are becoming more common. You can’t go far without stumbling upon a park, making it easy to go for a hike and escape into nature for awhile.

“Everything is going to change when Link Light Rail comes to the Eastside! Suddenly you’ll have an easy car-free way to get around the Eastside and over to Seattle and Seatac without having to fight traffic.”

a glance at the market

ratio of housing type

single family home vs condo

*Based on 2019 data

annual median home price

single family home vs. condo

condo avg. square footage


single family avg. square footage


Location Info

commute times

  • 22m to Downtown Seattle
  • 48m to Downtown Seattle
  • 13m to Downtown Bellevue
  • 25m to Downtown Bellevue


Upcoming additions to Link Light Rail will being the train over to the Eastside. From the International District Station you’ll be able to head east with stops at Judkins Park, Mercer Island, South Bellevue, East Main (at Main St), Bellevue Downtown (at NE 6th Street), Wilburton (NE 8th St), Spring District/120th, Bel-Red/130th, Overlake Village (152nd Ave NE), all the way to Redmond Technology Center at NE 40th.


Schools in Bellevue are ranked #3 in the entire nation, making Bellevue a big draw for those with kids in school. The school district even includes a few Choice School options, including Mandarin Chinese/English immersion school, a Spanish/English immersion school, and an International School. There are also several private schools in Bellevue to choose from.


Bellevue boasts 2,500+ acres of parks and 80+ miles of trails, and East Bellevue is home to a sizeable portion of those parks and trails. Whether you’re looking for playgrounds, sport courts, reservable picnic areas, or a trail to get lost on, you’ll find opportunity for it all. Visit Kelsey Creek Park and the farm with its 150+ acres of farm life to explore, pick blueberries at Larsen Lake Blueberry Farms, or head to Bellevue City-Crossroad Park to let little ones run wild on the awesome sprayground and playground!


In addition to its thousands of acres of parks and miles of trails, East Bellevue boasts even more extraordinary outdoor options. A popular spot is Bellevue Botanical Garden, a stunning refuge with 53 acres of Pacific Northwest beauty. Glendale Country Club is in the heart of Bellevue, and here you’ll find one of the finest golf courses in Washington state. Tucked away in a haven of mature trees and impeccably maintained acreage, you’ll feel miles away from it all when you’re out on the green!


From Lake Washington to Lake Sammamish, the “Lake to Lake Trail” is an adventure straight through some of Bellevue’s scenic parks. Whether you’re hiking or biking, this ~10-mile trail is perfect for getting in a serious workout or just taking some time to clear your mind. The trail starts at Weowna Park by Lake Sammamish and ends at Enatai Beach Park, and of course, you have the option to do smaller segments of the beautiful trail as well.

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