University District

A neighborhood in transformation.

  • what you’ll fall in love with

    U-District has a funky, artistic, and bohemian-feel to it.

  • market

    Seattle is investing big time in the University District right now.

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    The city is trying to broaden the demographics in the neighborhood.

  • real talk

    It’s a little rough around the edges (which I personally love).

welcome to University District

The U-District is a happenin’ place—things are changing fast! The expansion of the light rail into the U-District has changed a lot for the neighborhood. If you think that the University District is appealing now, it will be an especially AMAZING place to live in about 5-7 years.

"The University of Washington is like a little city unto itself—its conveniences and amenities for residents are hard to beat."

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  • 11m to Downtown Seattle
  • 27m to Downtown Seattle
  • 17m to Downtown Bellevue
  • 34m to Downtown Bellevue

Living Near University of Washington: Ok, so what’s it REALLY like?

Of course, the University of Washington is a huge reason for living in the University District. The University is the largest employer in Seattle and has over 40,000 students in attendance—it’s like a little city unto itself, and as a result, its conveniences and amenities for residents are hard to beat.

The campus itself is a beautiful oasis, and as it’s open to the public, anyone can go for a walk (I didn’t realize that before I lived there!). On a sunny day, Mt. Rainier is out and in full view, and in the spring and summer, the cherry blossoms coupled with the smell of jasmine is just to die for. There’s beautiful landscaping all over campus, and hanging out on the lawn in the sun is an ideal way to spend an afternoon! There’s such a sense of history on the campus, and always some event, exhibition or other going on.

Getting Around Town

It’s very walkable for students and commuters alike (I used to live in the U-District, and the walk score near the building I lived in is 95/100!), and its central location makes it easy to get anywhere in Seattle. Whether you’re going to Queen Anne, Fremont, Capitol Hill, or hopping on the freeway, there’s easy access and an express lane even opens up right from the U-District.

Using the bus here is easy, and there are frequent stops on several routes. There's also of course the Light Rail, making it easy to get all around town, including the airport. Biking is also a popular transportation choice for residents—lots of bike lanes help to make the neighborhood a safer place for bicyclists.


There’s lots of shopping on the Ave—thrift shops are especially popular amongst students. And then of course, University Village is just down the hill. This shopping center is packed with everything from restaurants and clothing shops to furniture and homeware stores. University Village is a destination for Seattleites all over the city, and University District residents have the advantage of it being close-by and a beautiful walk there.

Dining & Nightlife

There’s tons of cafes and restaurants that cater to the student crowd. They’re open all day (lots of places in Seattle don’t open until dinnertime), open late, and they’re cheap! You can seriously eat out here for less than going to the grocery store. Plus, there aren’t many neighborhoods where you can step out your door at 10pm and get food, but in the University District you totally can. U-District is also home to several taverns and bars, University District has a hoppin’ nightlife scene that includes everything from live jazz music to dives and pubs.

Staying Active: The Waterfront & Burke-Gilman Trail

University District enjoys lots of easy access to the waterfront and all of the recreational opportunities that promises. There are multiple canoe and kayak clubs in the area, and of course, boating is a big draw for many. This neighborhood is also a bicyclist’s haven—the Burke-Gilman trail runs through the U-District and along the shimmering waterfront.

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