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    White Center is one of the most diverse areas in King County. From the eclectic food options to the people you’ll meet out and about at the beautiful parks in the area, it’s heaven for those who are ready to step outside the Seattle bubble.

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    Like many Seattle neighborhoods, White Center is changing and growing with the rest of the city. White Center still represents fantastic value; you truly get SO much for so little. Usually the type of convenience that you can find in many White Center locations will cost you 3x the price in Seattle. A real estate “deal” can still be found in White Center, and with great bus options straight into Downtown Seattle and South Lake Union, more and more people are moving to this community.

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    White Center offers what people miss about “old” Seattle: that blend of old school charm and a grungy feel to its character. Known as “Rat City” as a result of the military using the area for their Relocation and Training Center during WWII, the area has claimed the nickname with pride and is home to the locally famous Rat City Rollergirls. Get ready to develop your own sense of pride in the neighborhood as you discover your next favorite restaurant or your favorite picnic spot.

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    White Center has had a reputation of being “no man’s land” in the past, but this perception is quickly changing as more people move to the area and embrace its vibrancy. People who move to White Center or spend some time there quickly realize it has a long list of perks and easy access to great amenities—gorgeous parks, all the shopping opportunities you need, the aquatics center, Southgate Roller Rink, easy freeway access, and some of the best food around town.

welcome to White Center

Nestled between West Seattle and Burien, White Center is an unincorporated area of Seattle. Locals and visitors alike love the incredible food scene, the gorgeous parks and outdoor spaces, and easy access to bus lines (buses take you straight into Downtown or SLU), freeways, the airport, and more.

Longing for the Seattle of yesteryear? Head to White Center to explore all that this vibrant community offers, from its grungy character to its residential charm.

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  • 16m to Downtown Seattle
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  • 24m to Downtown Bellevue
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Even the most well-traveled foodies will likely find something new and uniquely delicious to feast on in White Center. Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant is a White Center staple and local destination, Bok a Bok Fried Chicken serves up Korean fusion, and Taqueria la Fondita is a local mainstay. Other must-try favorites include restaurants like Zippy’s Giant Burgers, Beer Star, Proletariat Pizza, Boss Drive-In, Crawfish House… there’s dozens of other eateries to explore, and we can’t imagine anyone getting bored with White Center’s food scene!


White Center is one of the most diverse areas in King County, and according to the 2010 U.S. Census, dozens of languages are spoken in the area. If you’re ready to get a bit outside of the “Seattle bubble,” you’ll find diversity in everything from the eclectic food options available to the people you meet out and about.


In modern times, people began living in White Center in the early 1900s. A streetcar line made its way to the neighborhood in 1912, and during WWII, White Center was a hub for working class families with many residents working in the shipyards or at Boeing. One of the area’s most notable landmarks is the Southgate Roller Rink, which is now home to Rat City Rollergirls. The building was constructed in 1920 and was first used as one of the most popular boxing arenas in the area. Also, fun fact: poet Richard Hugo is from White Center (the nonprofit Hugo House in Capitol Hill is named after him). He attended University of Washington and began his career working as a technical writer for Boeing.


From the Rapid Ride to several bus line options, White Center has convenient options for getting around town—no car necessary! We recommend getting yourself an electric scooter or bike, which make it even easier to zip around the neighborhood. Suddenly your car-less range expands a lot! You’ll also find quick and easy access to Highway 509, 518, 99, and Interstate-5. If you travel frequently for work, White Center presents an alluring option—Seatac International Airport is only about a 15-minute drive away or a hassle-free ride on the 560 bus.


Most people probably don’t think of Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty when they think of White Center, but there are some stunning parks in the area whether you’re looking for something manicured with a playground or more natural spaces that’ll make you feel like you’re miles away from it all. North Shorewood Park, White Center Pond, White Center Heights Park, White Center Bicycle Playground, Lakewood King County Disc Golf Club along Hicklin Lake, Arbor Lake Park, and more are all within White Center. The area is also bordered by several sprawling parks as well, though—Westcrest Park (includes an off-leash dog park!), the 135-acre Lincoln Park along the waterfront, the 32-acre Fauntleroy Park, the 88-acre Salmon Creek Ravine Park and more are all within reach.

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