Trang Wasson, The Trusty Backbone of This Whole Operation

Trang is our trusty foundation, and without her, this whole circus would collapse in a matter of seconds.

Trang is essential to our daily operations, and she builds the structure for the rest of the team. She works behind the scenes, making sure that things get done while everyone else is out zipping around the city, giving the rest of the team more in-person time with clients.

Trang is the hub of communication, and she’s here to keep us and our clients all on the same page. Everything gets done and runs smoothly under her watch!

Before joining our team full time, Trang was the office manager at our Capitol Hill Coldwell Banker Bain office for 9 years. She’s worked for Coldwell for 20 years total now, and we are so fortunate to have her all to ourselves now!

Unlike the rest of us, Trang actually grew up in Seattle, and since then she’s also lived in West Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Federal Way, and currently calls Mukilteo home. She loves living in the Puget Sound area, and whether she’s in the hustle and bustle of Capitol Hill or out in the quiet of the mountains, she enjoys being able to get out and explore.

  • Trang’s Role
    Behind-the-Scenes Brainiac & Chaos Coordinator

  • Trang’s Title
    Office Manager & Transaction Coordinator

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